‘Civil War’ Audio Commentary By directors and screenwriters - about RDJ

А теперь то, что от тебя осталось, может идти.
добрый человек littleclownzz на тумблере собрал все что было сказано в аудиокомментарих к гражданке о Роберте Дауни-мл. И поклон человеку до земли за это!

‘Civil War’ Audio Commentary By directors and screenwriters
It is for the record and all about RDJ thing or related.

MARKUS: It’s also Robert’s last shot, right? ‘Cause he had to shave the beard in order to shoot it.

JOE: I think we have to really, um, give a shout-out to Alfre Woodard here for doing a, you know, very small part in this movie, but a very integral part. It was so important that the audience feel the emotional impact of this and to have an actress of her calibre performing this for us was an incredible gift and a real favour.

ANTHONY: It was Robert’s idea, actually, to cast her. He brought her up for that role ‘cause I think he knew how important this scene would be for the character.

McFEELY: And even on set it was pretty clear. “Oh, wow! Wow!”

JOE: Exactly.

JOE: Robert is an incredibly big personality on-screen and you have to have an incredible actor or actress opposite him to hold the screen.

McFEELY: That’s right. He does not talk much in that scene.

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очень интересно. и да, кажется все крутые штуки были привнесены именно Робертом, а не кем-то)
ох. РДЖ невероятный молодец. как мог не дал запороть персонажа и фильм окончательно. аки Тони, делал то, что нужно, а не то, что ему говорили и потом пытались нам объяснить в "а что хотел сказать автор":crzfan:

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